Rent vs Buy
We will look at the pros and cons of both Renting and Buying a home to help you decide
which one is right for you.
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How to Buy a
A look from start to finish on the buying process.  This class is not just for home buyers but
investors as well.  We will cover such topics as Agency, Contracts, Inspections,
Mortgages, and more.
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How to Sell a
Timing can be everything when selling your property.  In this class we'll look at several
ways to help it sell faster and with fewer bumps in the road before closing.  We'll look at
how to pick a Realtor to list with, what to do before listing, what to do during the listing,
and other important topics.
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How to become
a Realtor
Getting your Real Estate License isn't as hard as most my think.  Being a Realtor on the
other hand could prove challenging.  In this class we'll go over what it takes to make it and
how you can become one.
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